About Us

Participants race around a colorful professional slot car race track controlling the speed of the thier car by pressing a trigger on a plastic hand held controller, Each driver is allowed to choose a color car or Nascar, that corresponds with the color of thier lane that the car will follow around the course. After all drivers are introduced to thier race car a short "how to race" presentation is given and then THERE OFF! a digital lap counter displays driver's laps ad we announce the action throughout the race. We can entertain approximately 100 races per hour with our 5 lane track.



We provide Slot car rental for Birthdays and Corporate Events.

We travel wherever you need us

Slot Car Track

Drag Track

Rates vary depending on event

Birthday Parties start at $200.00 and up

Corporate events start at $500.00 and up

Price includes set up and tear down.




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